Professional Modesto Handyman Service

Owning a home is no easy task. Just keeping up on the maintenance that a home requires can seem like a full time job. Throw in an unexpected pipe breaking or electrical socket that stops working and you can become overwhelmed. Let us here at 5 Star Handyman service take some of the burden off of your shoulders.

When you hire 5Star Handyman Service of Modesto Ca.  you are guaranteed a few things. We guarantee that the job will be done in professional manner, meaning the task will be done when we said it will be done, how we said it will done, and at a very competitive price.

handyman and Home repair - Modesto Ca.

Call Modesto Home Repair Specialist

5star_phoneOur handyman team is skilled in all home repair projects that you need done small or large. That means we can take on smaller jobs that you may not be comfortable   taking on or larger projects such as floor installation or painting the exterior of your home or rental property.

5Star Handyman Service is a professional handyman service based in Modesto. We have a excellent reputation for being reliable and trustworthy; we can supply you with a list of local references and recommendations.

Handyman Work and Home Repair

Time to update that old bathroom?

Vanity replacement, cabinet restoration or replacement, new mirror, sink or bathroom faucet? Give us a call today wither you need a remodel or just a faucet installed.

There’s no Plumbing problem we can’t fix; from small repairs like leaking faucets, shower heads, leaking toilets or complete tub and shower replacement.

Our interior and exterior painting is performed with quality from the first steps of preparing the surfaces all the way through completion. If you’re thinking about saving money on your paint job by using cheap paint, you’re going to spend more money on the application process. Cheap paint is harder to apply and takes several coats to achieve a decent finish; whereas quality painting products are easier to apply and produce a beautiful finish. Use cheap paint and you’ll be repainting again in no time at all.

Our electrical experience includes the replacement of kitchen appliances, ceiling fans and lights, electrical plugs and light switches. In addition we have the experience to install new lights and electric plugs anywhere in the home. We are experienced at troubleshooting your electrical shorts and system overloads that are causing your breakers to shut off.

Our handyman services are performed quickly with quality as our main focus. Anyone can throw paint on a wall or patch drywall; but only a professional can do it right the first time. 5Star has been called in many times to fix what other handyman services have destroyed.

We don’t track mud across your floors, we don’t drip paint on your new carpet, we don’t leave behind dust on your Television and furniture, and we most certainly never cut corners to save time. We guarantee our work.

We serve Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Ripon, Manteca, and all of the local surrounding cities and towns. If you would like to ask us a question or leave a comment please do so.


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